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Brenda Kline

Founder/ Director

Our Mission

Hope in Action

Andy Kline

Founder/  Director

   Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc  is an Animal Wildlife Rescue helping Dogs, Cats and other Wildlife since 1992. Brenda started out with Cats rescuing and caring and fixing so many that we out grew our home in the City with so many cats and dogs. We then moved out to Odessa ,Fl  and acquired property to expand our efforts into helping animals. Since we have no children, our animals are our children and treated and spoiled just so. With the property we have been able to take in wildlife animals of all kinds that no longer others can take care for  and desperately need wonderful forever  homes. We have 5 acres dedicated to the well being, security, love and daily hands on care of our animals. As of December 31, 2016 we have over 200 mouths to feed and are doing this ourselves and glad to do it. As we take more animals in our monthly budget increases for Feeding, Building Habitats, Vet Bills and much more.  We had to form a 501C Non Profit in 2015 to help us raise donations and funds to help keep this Sanctuary a wonderful place for these animals to live out their lives. We will be learning, educating and sharing our experiences along the way.  We hold private tours. Please follow us in our efforts and journey to help better the lives of our animals. 
We would love to help other Charitable non profits by using our Sanctuary for a wonderful Event Venue.  We will help promote your Charity along with ours and work out a percentage as we raise funds and sell tickets for your Fundraiser.
We have a perfect facility to give your supporters an awesome place and plenty of room for people ad parking,
Thank You for following and supporting us,
 Your Founders,
Brenda and Andy Kline

 PLEASE REMEMBER: Animals are not like most kids you raise and turn out as most can support themselves.  Animals need homes for life. Do not get any animals you can not see yourself taking care of till the end of their life. This is a HUGE commitment and one your animals depend on you to have and NOT break their hearts one day you need to get rid of them.

Meet Our Team


Bill Calosso


Foxy and Andy having a moment together.


  Currently underway are the following       structures;

 - New pig Habitats - underway

 - Snake Habitat - Completed

 - Grey fox habitat- Completed

 - Grey fox extended habitat

 - Prairie Dog habitat - Completed

 - Iguana Habitat - Completed

 - Wading Pond - Completed

 - Bird Pond - Completed

 - Privacy fencing surrounding                  perimeter - In progress

 - Paved Walkways - In progress

 - Raised Walkways through Cypress        Swamp - Due to start this fall

 - Bird Sanctuary​-  Completed

 - Tortoise Habitat -  Completed

 - Raccoon Habitat - Completed

 - Large Fowl pond - Completed

 - Fowl area fence-  Completed

 Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. has devoted its energy to passionately bettering the lives of animals that can no longer be cared for by others, to provide the Best Forever Homes we can.