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We are happy to have our new resident Wallabies, A new habitat was built and shelter for them to sleep comfortably at night. We are also excited to start work on the Iguana habitat


OWRS (Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary) is always looking for volunteers to help with feeding, caring and building new habitats. Find out how YOU can become a volunteer.

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To better the lives of animals that can no longer be cared for by others. To provide the Best Forever Home we can.

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​​We are scheduling tours. Please call to schedule a time to visit our wonderful animals. (813) 792-5454

Available tour dates..... make your reservation. 

(Excluding Private Tours)

Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary provides some of the Most Incredible Interactive Private Tours. Learn what it's like to be on a working Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Our Tours provide you with one on one experiences you will never forget. You will be feeding, petting and playing, with most of our animals. Plenty of Wildlife and Farm Animals. Hand feed a Zebra,  Hand feed and pet Horses, Goats, Alpaca, Donkeys, Mini Zebu, Mini Pigs, Rabbits. Get up close and personal and feed Scottish Highlanders Huge long hair big horn cattle you've never seen before. Get up close to Huge Iguanas and our newest residents Coatimundies.  Hand feed Raccoons, Foxes, Birds, Chickens.  See our large Scottish highland cows grazing around their habitat. Bottle feed any babies anytime we have ones being bottle fed. Enjoy feeding the many birds we have; Peacocks, Ducks, Geese, Ginny Hens and Chickens.  Hand feed Tortoises, some 150 lbs you obviously can't hold. This  Private Tour will surely leave you with many memories and pictures to show family and friends. Closed Sundays. Holiday hours vary. Your Personal Private Tour can be booked By reservations only. Email Brenda@OdessaWildlife.org with your phone number requesting a tour and date and she will get back to you. These are Private Tours.


Private tours

Gold - $150.00 with Pictures and Interactive tours *

Silver - $119.00 walking tours (no interactions with animals inside habitats)

3 years and under, No donation charge


* Participants MUST be 21 yrs and over for picture and interactive tours.